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I grew up playing multi-sport; baseball, hockey, rugby. I wasn’t much for training in the gym until I suffered knee injury in my senior year of high school playing rugby. I spent all my time in the gym after that and particularly found an interest in strength sports.

I became a certified personal trainer in 2005 and began helping people transform their bodies and minds through strength training. It was at this time that I also started competing regularly in Powerlifting.

I have taken a variety of certifications over the last 16 years and obtained a college diploma in Exercise Science and Sport Management but the greatest lessons I have learned have been the ones in the weight room, experimenting in my own practice.

What’s your background?
What’s your background?

In 2014, I suffered a bicep injury which led me to a dark place. Prior to the injury I was working towards getting on an international stage in powerlifting and had devoted all my time to this goal.

I came out of the recovery realizing that I had developed an extremely poor body composition and that my movement capacities were limited from training. I knew I had to make real change in my flexibility.

I dropped all traditional methods of training and started exploring the depths of what I didn’t know. I sought out disciplines that required higher degrees of flexibility such as Gymnastics, and Circus Training and began applying these concepts.

After three years of hard devoted training, I developed a full Front Split, Side Split, Pancake Split, Head 2 Toe, and a decent Back Bridge.

You can hear more about this journey in this Range of Strength Podcast Episode;

How did you develop your flexibility?
How did you develop your flexibility?

Range of Strength removes the ego.

You don’t just train for strength, you train for the range in your strength!

A system of flexibility training that is not dissociated from strength training!

It’s the psychological shift you need to pursue real results in improving your movement capacity!

Range of Strength

I train 5-6 days a week currently. Squatting is like riding a bicycle for me so I always start with squats, usually rotating front and back squat variations and auto regulating the volume.

I do some stretching everyday whether its an exploring type of stretch limbering through how my body is feeling or a deeper stretching session moving into big positions like the splits and back bends.

What does your stretch routine look like?

Tailor your range journey to meet your needs and goals!

The reason you’re not making progress is because you’re looking in too many directions!

The Range Map is your one way street!

Unlock the Splits!
– Squat Ass To Grass!
– Hit Your Back Bend!
– Find Pain-Free Movement Freedom!

Here’s What You Get;
– Full Abilities Assessment & Consultation
– Personalized 12 week “Range Map” Program
– Range Map Program Review & Follow Up

So far there have been 100’s of success stories and massive mindset shifts!

What is the "Range Map"?
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